Saturday, August 04, 2001

So here I am. A mote, another bit of dust in the datastream, but hoping to make a difference. I don't know why. Already, the internet has provided me with channels which allow me to inspire the fantasies of young men throughout the Bay Area...but here is this media. I'm here because everyone thinks I'm a good girl. I'm here because I can be. I'm here because my mind rages with the most amazing fantasies, and I want to share them with the world.
I'm here to tell you what you want to hear...and I'm here for journalistic musings on the nature of love, lust, erotic play, Shakespeare, work is intended to help you to ascend the brightest heaven of invention- whatever type of invention you need, wherever you feel the need.
Tonight: Listening to Tricky and thinking about the severe lack of words for expression of emotion in the English language. One word for love? What good is that? We use the same word to express a warm fondness for breakfast cereal as we do to indicate our deepest passions. We use the same word with our mothers and our lovers. There need to be more words for love.
There need to be more thoughts for love.
I look out my window and see a dim orange sky- I love the city in the dark- and wonder who's out there. Who's doing what to whom. Who's living out my fantasies. Have you considered what your neighbors might be doing behind their doors? Have you considered what they might think if they knew what you were doing behind closed doors?
We live in a shockingly private world. I'm here to open the door.